Project Description

General Description

  • Electronic weighbridge according to International Standards (OIML, EUROPEAN STANDARDS)
  • With foundation
  • Electronic underground mechanism
  • Weighing platform
  • Electronic weighing indicator
  • Dimensions, weighing capacity and division depending on customer needs
  • Mostly used dimensions 8×3, 12×3, 16×3, 18×3, 20×3
  • Mostly used weighing capacities 30t, 50t, 60t, 70t, 80t, 100t
  • Mostly used divisions 5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Spare Parts Analysis

Underground mechanism consists of :

  • Load cells 4,6,8 manufacture from stainless steel of German firm HBM type C16AC3 or Holland firm RTE type CSP-M
  • The support bases of the load cells manufacture from special steel of 62-64 RC hardness after the overhauling
  • The connection cables which have special protection against humidity and foreign signals
  • The metallic juction boxes where the cables connection take place

The platform it can be one of the below types:

  • Type Β main beam and platform from concrete qualityC20/25 armoured concrete and steel armature STAHL III
  • Type Μ or Ν (main beams from iron and platform from chequered plate)
  • Type Ρ (main beams from iron and platform from concretequality C20/25 armoured concrete and steel armature STAHL III)
  • The weighing indicator which completes the system:
  • Electronic weighing indicator type MSZ