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προϊόντα ζυγιστικών μηχανών της εταιρίας Αλεξίου ΑΕ

The weighing machines and automation of ALEXIOU S.A. – Weighing machines company, find applications and operating in all industries.

Technical Support

Τεχνική υποστήριξη της εταιρίας Αλεξίου Α.Ε. ζυγιστικές μηχανές

The specially selected staff of the Support Department of ALEXIOU S.A. is continuously trained and kept informed on modern weighing issues.


Accreditations of ALEXIOU S.A.

Accreditation Certificate No.473-2 to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025;2005

In 2008, the Laboratory Calibration of ALEXIOU SA Co., obtains accreditation from National Accreditation System, for providing calibration services.

certificate approval of NMI-netherlands

EU Quality System Approval from NMI Certin BV

  • ALEXIOU SA has obtained anEU quality system Approval from NMI Certin BV.
  • Our  weighing systems meets the requirements of Annex II, Module D of Directive 2014/31/EU.


TUV-ISO 9001-Certificate

TUV-ISO 9001-Certificate

In 1997, certified for the first time under the standard ISO 9001, ensuring the same quality for all products manufactured and certified in 2009 under the revised standard now ISO9001: 2008, retaining full Electronic Quality Management System.


Accreditation of ESYD S.A.

Accredited Calibration Services standard of weights & weighing machines

In 2008, the Laboratory Calibration available to the company obtains accreditation from National Accreditation System (ESYD SA) for providing calibration services, offering reliability and validity to your weighing equipment.


Products of ALEXIOU S.A. - Weighing Machines, based on European standards (DIN, ISO) with Type Approval Mark & CE





Why to choose ALEXIOU S.A. – Weighing Machines

  • Carefully designed products in the Department of Research and Development

  • Quality of manufacture in the Production Department

  • Modern equipment provided and supported by the Electronics Department

  • Quarantee for excellent operation, continuous and fast technical support (SERVICE) that covers faulty components and operational defects

  • Warranty of proper functionality and technical performance